Our Missionaries 

As Awana missionaries, they serve the Lord in the following six areas in Ohio:

  1. Starting New Awana Programs, by meeting with interested Pastors and making Awana presentations to churches and parents.
  2. Training Leaders, by conducting basic training, meeting with Commanders and Directors, and through the annual Fall Leadership Conferences.
  3. Strengthening Churches, by counseling with Commanders and Pastors, speaking at Leaders' meetings, and evaluating clubs as we visit.
  4. Building a Ministry Team, comprised of Event Coordinators, Commanders and other leaders with a broad vision for reaching boys and girls across the state.
  5. Conducting Special Events for clubbers, including Bible Quizzing, Olympics, Grand Prix Racing, and Scholarship Camp.
  6. Communicating with our churches, clubs and support team, through personal meetings, monthly pray & praise letters, and the  Awana Newsletter.

Awana missionaries are available for club visits, training seminars, conferences, presentations, and pulpit supply. We will consult with Pastors and children's ministers to share our vision for reaching more boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ, and training them to serve Him.

Our Missionary Roles responsibilities are as follows:

  • Development Missionary (helping new churches get started)
  • Church Care Missionary (helping existing churches with lots of ideas)
  • Outreach Missionary (Awana Events, Area Wide Basic Trainings, MIT, Children's Ministry Conferences, & Rorheim Institute)
  • All three missionaries will still do Awana presentations, local Basic Training, and other assistance.




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 Now available to help your ministry! 

As missionaries we are continually looking for new ways to serve our churches and clubs.  Here are some resources available now from Awana:

Want to Know More About Starting Awana at your Church:    http://awana.org/awana-clubs

Life Threads, the Awana blog.   http://lifethreads.awana.org/

Eye On Awana, updates from Awana clubs around the world.    www.eyeonawana.org

Entrusted, a digital curriculum developed specifically for Tweens; focuses on developing a missionry worldview.    www.entrustedtweens.org

MOVE, provides simple steps to get children's and youth ministries off and running in the right direction.      www.moveyourchurch.org

Homeschool familes and co-ops can now purchase Awana Bible memory materials:    www.awanahomeschool.org

Truthseekers provides Bible lessons for use in starting a new club or augmenting your existing ministry.     www.truthseekers-us.org

Please contact one of the missionaries if you have any questions about these services.